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RASE-8 "Whopper Dropper" Rapid Adjust Seatpost

Product Specifications

General Specifications:

Sizes Available: 30.9 mm, 31.6 mm (available now)
27.2 mm, 30.0 mm, 32.4 mm, 34.9 mm (available soon)
Weight: 780 g (27.5 oz)
Color: Black
Total Length: 400 mm (back of post)
Post Diameter: 24 mm (.945")
Total Travel: 210 mm (8.26")
Lever Styles:Standard: Short Right Hand
Optional: Long Right Hand, Short Left Hand, Long Left Hand

What Lever Style Should I Choose?


  • Instantly raises or lowers "on the fly" up to 8+" and locks securely into place at 16 different positions.
  • Super-strong 2-bolt clamp design.
  • Zero offset.
  • Mechanical design → simple maintenance with NO air, oil or seals to leak.
  • Excellent cable routing design → cable remains stationary at all times.
  • Uses off-the-shelf derailleur cable for easy replacement if ever necessary.
  • Available in sizes 30.9 and 31.6 mm—sizes 27.2, 30.2, 32.4 and
    34.9 mm available soon.

Safety Certifications:

The RASE-8 has successfully PASSED Section 4.14.7 (Seat-pillar—Fatigue Test) of the European Standard EN 14764, City and Trekking Bicycles Safety Requirements and Test Methods. This European Standard specifies safety and performance requirements for the design, assembly and testing of bicycles and sub-assemblies intended for use on public roads and lays down guidelines for instructions on the use and care of such bicycles.

What Lever Style Should I Choose?

The Short Right Hand Lever is our Standard Lever because it is very small and very effective. The lever is positioned against the grip and extends straight forward from the handlebar. The right side lever is also capable of getting an extra strong clamp on the control cable. The long and the short of it is that this lever is highly accessible for quick index finger operation and we have found it to be the preferred lever by riders, so we call it our Standard Lever Style.

The Long Right Hand Lever has the same base section as our Short Right Hand Lever but with a one inch longer lever section. This lever is preferred by riders who want to position their brake and gear shift levers up closest to the grip, therefore putting their hand further out on the grip. In this configuration, the Long Right Hand Lever is positioned inside from the brake lever and gear shifter.

The Short Left Hand Lever and Long Left Hand Lever may be preferred by some riders. Again, the Short Left Hand Lever is very small and effective. The Long Left Hand Lever has the same base section as the Short Left Hand Lever but with a one inch longer lever section. Use of a bulkier, right-side, twist-gear shifter may require the use of a Left Hand Lever.

Further specifications, limitations, and installation and maintenance instructions are detailed in the PRODUCT MANUAL. We encourage you to read through the manual thoroughly prior to purchase. If you have any questions, feel free to request further information by emailing us at

Product Specifications
Product Manual

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